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Trio of Lopez tinies settle into 5 acres on Lopez

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One house of lumber, one of logs, and one that was a sauna

Via Windermere

If one tiny house on a big lot is the dream for some, imagine how much better two or three tinies can be. For $312,000 there’s a trio for sale on Lopez Island, a tiny house made of lumber, a tiny house made of logs, and a tiny house made for bathing.

The main house is much more than a simple cabin. Main floor windows are much larger than usual. A sliding glass door may be conventional and convenient, but the large circular window above it is distinctive. A second sliding glass door at the opposite end maximizes the crossflow, just in case there’s a need for lots of fresh air.

As with most tinies, the ground floor is devoted to an open living space combining living room, dining room, and kitchen. Except for the appliances and the woodstove, everything is made from lumber. Some table linens can keep the dining table from blending into the wood work. The other material exception is in the supports and banisters for the alternating tread staircase that leads to the bedroom loft.

Beside the main house is a tiny log cabin. Instead of flat walls and straight lines, find organic bumps and curves on all sides. It’s basically a retreat. Heat is from a tiny woodstove, which could also be used for rustic cooking. Otherwise, the main floor is a cozy sitting area and the loft is yet another bedroom.

Another log building started out as a sauna, but is now a bath house.

Combined with the 5.4 acre lot the package becomes a two bedroom property with at least 384 square feet of living space (depending on how its counted). There is one rustic hitch, though. Water and power are available, but there isn’t a septic system, yet. The place was built in 1994, so someone found a solution but upgrading to a flush toilet may take a bit of effort.