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How much did Seattle rent go up (or down) in May?

The monthly numbers are here


Maybe Zillow is right and the market is starting to slow down: In this month’s monthly rental rankings, depending on who you ask, prices saw a small increase or a dramatic decrease compared to last year.

We’re still among the top ten most expensive cities for rent in the United States by most accounts, though, so don’t bust out your celebration beverage of choice quite yet.

By Zumper’s rankings, Seattle is, like last month, the eighth most expensive for renting. They saw the biggest increase in one-bedroom rent—still only 1.6 percent compared to this time last year.

Two-bedrooms, by Zumper’s count, ticked up two percent month over month, but prices continued to drop year over year. Last month saw a year over year decrease of 6.6 percent; this month is 7.5 percent less expensive than this time last year.

Zumper was the only listing site to give us data on studio apartments. With a median price of $1,500, studios saw the biggest year over year increase out of anyone’s dataset, with a 6.4 percent jump.

Seattle just barely broke the top 10 in Abodo’s monthly ranking, but our increase ranked higher: A 6.7 percent jump in one-bedroom rent over the previous month means that, like last month, we had the fourth-highest increase in the country.

Year over year, though, it’s an even more dramatically different story. One-bedroom apartment prices have fallen a full 12 percent compared to this time last year, even faster than last month.

Two bedrooms are also down from this time last year per Abodo’s rankings, but by a little less: 7 percent.

Apartment List (AL) saw virtually no change from last month in Seattle’s rent—just a 0.3 percent increase overall. They saw a bigger increase year over year than other sites, though, with an overall increase of 5.4 percent.

We’re number 10 in AL’s national rankings, with a median rent of $1,650 for a one-bedroom.

For clarity, we’ve aggregated the three different listing site’s median rent calculations below. To keep things simple, we’ve included only year over year change.

How much did the rent change in May?

Listing site Studo Year over year One-bedroom Year over year Two-bedroom Year over year National rank
Listing site Studo Year over year One-bedroom Year over year Two-bedroom Year over year National rank
Apartment List N/A N/A $1,690 N/A $2,290 N/A 10
Zumper $1,500 6.4% $1,850 1.6% $2,450 -7.5% 8
Abodo N/A N/A $1,575 -12% $2,034 -7% 10
Apartment List, Zumper, Abodo

AL zooms in on the rest of the Seattle metropolitan area so we can have a look at how Seattle compares to its neighbors.

Not much has changed here over the past couple of months: Bellevue has the highest median rent by a landslide, at $2050 for a one-bedroom.

The fastest-growing rental prices this month are in Kent, according to AL’s rankings, with a year-over-year increase of 9.7 percent.