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One home asea and one home ashore in Portage Bay

This cottage on land comes with a dock and a floating home

Courtesy of Toby Lumpkin, Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty

A one-bedroom cottage on the shore has a large dock reaching into Portage Bay, mooring a bigger floating home.

Floating homes come with all kinds of moorage situations: rental, condo, co-op. But docking a floating home to your very own dock means doing without much of the fuss of keeping your address intact.

The one-bedroom cottage is cute on its own. It has a hillside garden in the back, but the front door opens to a deck that’s right on the water—which makes for a great view from the living room.

It’s a short stroll down the dock to the floating home, which features three small sleeping rooms that aren’t quite bedrooms (still impressive by floating-home standards), a light-filled living area, and a solarium in the back.

The floating home has its own wraparound deck. The views, as one can imagine, are even better directly on the water.

One story on the floating home means the footprint of the float is massive, meaning incredible remodeling opportunities down the road. Another floating home currently for sale added a second story with a loft a few years ago—imagine the possibilities with this much space.

Two homes, a two-car garage, and full dock ownership—no HOAs or anything—and never being more than a ten-second walk from the water will run you $1.4 million. Now when guests come over, do you keep them on land or let them stay on the water?