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This West Seattle cottage is small, simple, and $415K

Make life easier by keeping it simpler

Via Berkshire Hathaway

A tiny, one-bedroom cottage sits in West Seattle, waiting for a new owner. Considering Seattle’s real estate market and the $415,000 price tag, it may not have to wait long.

Via Berkshire Hathaway

Keep it small. Keep it simple. The greatest luxury may be the time saved by only having to take care of a 660-square-foot house—the size of many condos, but sitting on more than 4,000 square feet.

Shutters bracketing the front window are simple decorations. The covered and enclosed front porch is more practical. A porch roof alone doesn’t keep guests dry when the rain is coming from the side—plus, that whole extra door may help keep the pets from heading out to meet the other dogs and cats in the neighborhood.

Carpeting covers the inside of the home; the extra acoustic buffering may be appreciated. The house is from 1937, new enough that the living room isn’t dominated by a fireplace. Baseboard heat rules instead.

A small dining area leads to a white on white kitchen decorated by a white tile backsplash. The choice acts as a blank canvas where any bit of color stands out, even a red apple can become a focal point.

One bedroom and one bathroom provide the basics. There’s room for a laundry that has enough space for full-size appliances. The laundry also provides a view of some of the original wood construction.

Outside, find a partially fenced and relatively flat lot equipped with a heated shed and a basic carport. With a Walk Score of 84, maybe that carport becomes a detached covered patio for entertaining.

It is refreshing to see a property that hasn’t given into modern trends of stainless steel and granite. There’s a buyer for every home, and someone will want something simpler and more subtle.