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Experience life on the lake in 400-square-foot ‘Water Lodge’ houseboat

Time from home to water: zero minutes

This houseboat is dubbed the “Water Lodge,” which is apt. Like a ski lodge is a base of operations for everything a mountain has to offer or a hunting lodge is a gateway to the forest, this home on the water is at once a cozy retreat and a launching pad to everything Lake Union. Currently tucked away on a dock just east of Gas Works Park, it’s not too far from Portage Bay or Lake Washington, either.

Despite its little size—400 square feet—it manages to fit a fireplace, a full kitchen, and two separate areas for sleep and relaxation. In addition to the one proper bedroom, the houseboat boasts a loft above the living room, perfect for storage, a library, or for all the friends that will inevitably want to visit you to sleep in.

Much of the float is devoted to one crucial feature, though: a huge deck facing the lake. It appears to be bigger than the living area, and for good reason. Where would you spend most of your time if you lived on the water: cooped up inside, or out on the water?

Even inside, though, the home feels right on the water. The bedroom even features a sliding door mirroring the one in the living room. Think of it like a floor-to-ceiling window during not-so-ideal weather—and like taking beachside naps when it’s warm outside.

Plenty of storage gives you a head start in maximizing the small space—although the Water Lodge, like many houseboats, is built for simple living.

The houseboat is listed for $345,000, but since this freewheeling little home isn’t tied down, that doesn’t include moorage and the liveaboard fee—$741 a month at its current location.

Gas Works Park

2101 North Northlake Way, , WA 98103 Visit Website