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A Portage Bay floating home with three bedrooms and no compromises

A home on the water with a garden

Courtesy of Lake & Co

This floating home is big enough for a family, with three full-size bedrooms and 1,300 square feet. It’s also gorgeous: This contemporary craftsman was thoughtfully-built in 2000 by Lagerquist & Morris, who built many luxury floating homes in the area, and is reminiscent of a well-maintained, older craftsman back on land.

Exposed-beam ceilings cover every room—some topped with warm, wood beams. This includes a corner living area with built-in shelves and a small fireplace, complete with a mantle.

Upstairs, the ceiling is steeply vaulted, creating shapes that are at once dramatic and homey. Windows follow suit, sloping on top and creating complementary polygons to the ceiling slopes.

One of the more complex ceilings is in the master bedroom, where a junction of beams creates a kind of industrial sunburst.

Of course, a floating home wouldn’t be complete without decks. This one has three: an entryway along the dock, a small lower deck along the water, and a large, upper deck for sunbathing and taking in the lake view.

But outdoor space isn’t limited to the float. The homeowners’ association also owns a shared garden, lawn, and orchard, because it’s hard to have a big garden or non-aquatic room to play when your backyard is made of lakewater.

Storage units also line the shared outdoor space. They’re finished enough that the current owners use one as a hobby room—functioning more like a basement than external storage.

This is a floating home with everything you could possibly miss from land living, like a garden, a yard, and plenty of space. The only hitch is the price: $1.35 million.