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Five of the most affordable homes in Everett

All under $300K and all under 1,400 square feet

A swing through Everett’s listings reveals five of the most affordable homes that are all on city lots and priced at less than $300,000. Affordable? More so than some other neighborhoods.

Via Windermere

For $237,000 there’s a 1,376 square-foot house built in 1950. That may be the middle of the century, but the style is more like a basement rambler. Three bedrooms and one bathroom fit into the space. A current kitchen and original archways help.

Points for honesty, because the listing describes the access to the laundry as down “very steep stairs.” At least there’s access. The package includes a 5,227 square-foot lot.

Via Fireside Homes

Slightly smaller (1,112 square feet) and a lot older (1916) may make this two bedroom, one bathroom house cuter. It is priced at $249,000. In more than a century there have been several updates, but those archways and ceiling treatments may be original. The lot isn’t much bigger than the house—1,306 square feet—but at least a small yard would be easy to maintain.

Via Realty One

A little more expensive, at $268,000, and yet smaller, at 989 square feet. This 1924 gambrel-roofed house manages to hold three bedrooms and one bathroom. Take a look at the laundry to appreciate some of the original construction.

Evidently, the kitchen has been updated with granite counters. Out back is a two-car garage, plus a shed that used to be a garage. The 7,405 square-foot lot is relatively flat and simple.

Via Windermere

Imagine this: The last time this 1969 house sold was 40 years ago, when the price was $17,438. The current $274,923 price was probably unimaginable then. It worked well for someone. Now imagine 2057.

The shrinking trend continues with this house at only 912 square feet, but will with three bedrooms and one bathroom. A white rail fence borders the 5,662 square-foot lot with lawn, simple hedges, and a signature tree in the backyard.

Via Flux Real Estate

Finally, the size rises with the price with this 1,120-square-foot house listed at $275,000. Two bedrooms and one bathroom fit inside, as well as a slim kitchen. It was built in 1947, so great rooms weren’t as popular yet.

Fruit trees and berry bushes populate the rest of the 8,276-square-foot lot. Buy into a harvest.