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Federal Way home for sale features Millennium Falcon-shaped patio

That’s no second fire pit

Scott Manthey/ImageArts Photography

Real estate can get pretty nerdy, but this listing in Federal Way’s Adelaide neighborhood combines real estate with another kind of nerd: Star Wars.

The backyard of the home features two firepits, one wood-burning and one powered by natural gas. The gas firepit graces the center of a unique patio shape: a detailed rendering of the Millennium Falcon.

The overall shape is made more detailed with an outline of darker stones. A staircase leading up to the patio ascends between the ship’s front mandibles.

The shape and detail are enough for even the layperson Star Wars enthusiast to appreciate, but the patio layout’s reference goes even deeper. Listing agent Roger Bintner sent along a brief explanation from the homeowner.

The firepit to the right isn’t just a convenient second firepit; a closer look reveals a couple of extra details consistent with a little Death Star. Specifically, the homeowner said it “depicts the Death Star coming around Yavin Prime in its ill-fated attempt to destroy the Rebel Alliance base located on Yavin 4."

More straightforwardly: It’s the Death Star right before its destruction in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Having the Millennium Falcon in their backyard had been a dream of the current homeowner “for many years”—and that they finally made that dream come true in 2015. We can only dream of what they’re going to build in their next place.

As for the rest of the house, it’s a four-bedroom, three-and-a-quarter-bathroom home with 3,240 square feet of space and a jetted master tub, listed for $725,000.

If the photos on the listing aren’t enough, you can watch a full video tour of the home below—including the patio at the 2:10 mark.