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A perfectly preserved midcentury home in Rainier Beach

Right down to appliances and wallpaper

Robert Brittingham

With very few, if any, updates since it was built in 1951, this two-bedroom Rainier Beach rambler is meticulously maintained midcentury time capsule.

Out front, the brick home greets with a knotty wood-grain accent wall with a glass-block window for a stately, period entrance.

Inside, it might as well still be 1951—right down to the wall treatments. A translucent divider separates a hallway from a wood-panel living area with the original fireplace.

One bathroom features a warm-toned floral wallpaper that must have been well cared for, or ordered through a time machine. The sink and bath look like they’ve survived about as long—even the detachable showerhead looks vintage—but don’t appear run-down or shabby.

A vintage scale seems to have come along for the ride.

The crown jewel of historic interior preservation in this home is the kitchen, featuring a Tappan stove from the same era as the house—and, from what it looks like, the original exhaust fan.

The kitchen tile, if not original, has also been carefully maintained for a long time.

The unfinished basement of the home has also not been touched, meaning that either there’s a vast workspace under the house, or vast remodeling capabilities that might not have to affect the time capsule above too much.

Two other bonuses also preserved from 1951: Incredible Lake Washington views, visible from picture windows in the living room and master bedroom, and a huge yard on a 10,000 square foot lot.

One thing is clear from the pristine condition of the home: Someone cared about this house a great deal. Pick up where they left off for $599,000.