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Mayor Ed Murray ends reelection campaign

It ‘must be about the future of this city’


After reports that he would not seek reelection, Mayor Ed Murray has officially officially dropped out of the race.

Last month, a lawsuit surfaced against Murray alleging he had sexually abused a teenager in the ‘80s. Since then, pressure to drop out of the race has mounted.

Three other men have come forward making similar allegations—including two that predated the current suit.

At a press conference near Alki Beach in West Seattle on Tuesday morning, Murray thanked the city for his time in the Legislature and in the Mayor’s office.

“This campaign for mayor—any campaign from mayor—must be about the future of this city,” said Murray. “The mayor’s race must be focused on [issues facing the city], not a scandal.”

Murray maintains that the allegations are false—he said they “paint me in the worst historic portraits of a gay man.”

But the scandal, he said, “hurts those who have been victims of abuse, it hurts my family, it hurts Michael,” referring to his husband. Murray also thanked Michael for handling his role with “grace and aplomb.”

Murray will stay in office until the end of his term, but said, “his career that has been my life will come to an end on December 31.”

He ended by quoting Daniel P. Moynihan: “To be Irish is to know the world will break your heart.” He did not take any questions.

The announcement takes the incumbent out of what’s shaping up to be a robust mayoral race.

Attorney, community organizer, and spoken-word artist Nikkita Oliver announced before the allegations, but the race got picked up steam after the news.

Former mayor Mike McGinn, who Ed Murray defeated in the 2013 general election, announced last month. Urban planner Cary Moon announced soon after.

State Senator Bob Hasegawa is the most recent addition to the mayor’s race; he will officially be announcing his campaign Tuesday afternoon.

Other names floating around include former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan and City Councilor Bruce Harrell.