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A luxury tiny house on wheels is full of big extras

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Tiny houses, a lot going on in a little space, stylishly

Tiny House Listings

Here’s a list for a custom house: radiant floor heat, skylights, wireless in-wall surround sound, on-demand hot water, oiled hickory countertops, bay windows and vaulted ceilings. Put those into a conventional house and expect to pay a premium for the extras. Put them into a tiny house on wheels and the $67,750 price covers the extras and everything else, too.

A 200-square-foot tiny house on wheels is for sale in Port Townsend has enough special features that it may be worth a trip—or maybe it can take itself on tour. Use those wheels.

The style is a mix of northwest contemporary with craftsman: metal roof, wood siding, distinctive trim, and mullioned windows look like they could be part of any single-family neighborhood. A dormer window, two skylights, and an octagonal accent window make the exterior distinctive and the interior bright.

It may be tiny, but it has more appliances than some apartments: washer/dryer, fridge, and oven. There’s even a mini air conditioner and heater. Minimalist and modern make sense for the cabinetry and hardware. Pragmatic shelving designed for mason jars makes it easy to organize the kitchen.

They put extra effort into the bathtub, an opportunity that is usually overlooked in a space so tiny. Alternating bands of wood make the tub a showpiece. One concession to tiny house living is a composting, rather than a flush, toilet.

A special treat for pet owners is a hidden and vented litter box, which those with cats in smaller apartments know is no small amenity.

The loft holds a full-size bed and has room left over for regular cabinets. Getting up and down is easier thanks to a set of stairs instead of a ladder.

There are more features that are less obvious, like a ceiling made from beetle-kill pine, a whole-house water filter, and plumbing for a heat recovery system.

That’s one of the joys of tiny houses: a lot going on in a little space, finished with style.