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A massive modern in Issaquah for $4.3M

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Minimalist meets multi-million

Via Avenue Properties

Steel and glass, cement and stone meet to create a new truly modern home high above Issaquah. Throw away old ideas for an exemplary $4,288,000 property.

Start with the floors. No hardwood here. Instead find tile and carpet. It’s a modern home so expect walls of windows, high-tech lighting, and minimalism throughout. Clean walls sit ready for large, expressive artworks. Gas fireplaces are tidier than wood-burners.

The house sits on the Highlands. Those windows bring in views of both Seattle’s and Bellevue’s skylines, as well as the Olympic Mountains. For once, guests may hang out in the living room instead of retreating to the kitchen during a party.

Minimalism defines the kitchen, too. Appliances and cabinets are almost seamless. The cabinets and walls wear subtle textures. Black tiles form a backsplash that almost looks retro.

At least one of the four bedrooms commands such a grand view that getting out of bed might take more effort than usual.

The four and a half bathrooms are sleek. A striated shower in one and an ellipsoid tub provide stylish ways of covering the basics.

With 4,454 square feet inside, expect large rooms to go with the high ceilings for a spacious and voluminous place. With green building in mind, heating and cooling impact may be reduced.

The three story house is tall and distinctive enough alone. Dramatic lighting and the exposed steel staircase emphasize its modern nature. The defining touch may be the elevated walkway to the garage that makes the property look like a small and exclusive luxury hotel.

Complete the look with manicured landscaping of the 18,648-square-foot lot and settle into a house with great views that’s worth viewing on its own.

This article has been edited since its original publication. Based on the listing, we said the house was Built Green certified. The Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties has contacted us to let us know they are unaware of this home having that certification.