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Get close to Mt. Rainier in this $589K Enumclaw home

Pull in the sun with a solarium, skylights, and lots of windows

Via Person Real Estate

How often does that happen in real estate listings: They don’t give themselves enough credit. This house in Enumclaw has features that benefit from a second and much longer look.

By the numbers, the house may seem straightforward: four bedrooms, three and a quarter bathrooms, and 3,610 square feet for a price of $589,000. Putting a number to the view is more difficult. It doesn’t just have a mountain view, it has a view of what many call just “the mountain”: Mount Rainier. Our biggest volcano may impress from Seattle, but here it is twice as big because the property is twice as close.

Love solariums? There are two rooms to soak in the sun. One has a wall of windows aimed at the view. The other is a wall of windows that extends through the ceiling, too. People and plants can soak up the rays, even on our gray days.

More light comes in through long, skinny skylights that may run nearly floor to ceiling for an upstairs bedroom.

The house was built in 1974 with a spiral staircase that leads to a family room, turning what’s normally a dull straight staircase into part of the decor. This also goes for the modern staircase spanning the height of the house.

Midcentury character continues throughout the house. Indoor shingled walled, carpeted rooms and stairs, and a split-level floor plan may be back in style. It’s appealing for those who don’t want a flat and square house.

Pick from two kitchens, or be glad for the extra capacity. Check to see if the arrangement supports separating private living space for renters or other members of the family.

Multi-level decking encourages living outdoors. More than three quarters of an acre provide privacy, but it’s the neighbor’s undeveloped acreage that creates that phenomenal view. Sit outside and watch the mountain glow—hopefully from the setting sun.