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Metalsmith Heikki Seppa’s Bainbridge Island home seeks a new artisan

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A new resident could finish what Seppa started

Mike Seidl

When building their dream home on Bainbridge Island, Finnish metalsmith Heikki Seppa and jewelry maker Laurie Lyall worked with an architect, but poured their unique style into every aspect of the house.

The result is a curvy home that plays with texture and width while still maintaining all the trappings of a luxury island home, including sweeping water views from a semicircular living room.

This space was designed around views. A wraparound deck gets even closer to the water.

Here, details nod to surrealism without being pronounced enough to make anyone feel dizzy: The railing curves in and out, and building supports thicken and taper in a whimsical way. Corners and rounded edges play against one another.

The interior is no stranger to strange shapes, either, with rippled walls and cozy pockets throughout.

Viewed from the side, one can more clearly see the Scandinavia-adjacent minimalist influence. Curved elements smartly stack on top of one another for a simple-yet-textured effect, a perfect backdrop for the more complex elements above.

That effect relies on very few hard angles, preferring soft, rounded edges.

Don’t think the designers have done all the work for you, though: The master suite above the living room is unfinished, since it used to serve as studios for Seppa and Lyall.

The home, which is listed for $1.2 million, went pending very recently—perhaps to someone who can add their own vision to what Seppa started.