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Motif Seattle hotel unveils new room designs

Take a peek at the downtown hotel’s new look

Courtesy of Motif Seattle

Downtown Seattle luxury hotel Motif just unveiled a new renovation—and they gave us a peek at the new room designs.

Bucking stereotypes about hotel art, all the art on the walls is created by local artists, including Rickie Wolfe, Kyle Goderwis, and others. Some of this work is abstract; some feature landmarks and architecture.

One particularly bold example is a large painting mounted above a sofa in one of the guestrooms. The living area in that room is separated with a simple concept: a dark curtain running from the top of the wall.

The rooms themselves have a sleek, almost minimalist look, with modern furniture in neutral grays and blacks.

The penthouses weren’t part of the renovation, so it makes sense that they harken to more of a traditional hotel look. The bedroom and living areas adds bursts of color with a muted blue accent wall and pops of yellow and gold in the bedspread, art, fixtures, and furniture.

The same could be said for the marble-laden penthouse bathroom.

Like the art, the new interiors in the guestrooms were locally-made, too, by Seattle design and architecture firm Degen and Degen.

The whole redesign cost $10 million.

This piece has been updated since its original publication to reflect that the penthouse and Frolik were not part of the renovation.