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Gorgeous landscaping adorns a $1.7M Shoreline midcentury

Go for the gardens, but remember to check out the house, too

Via Windermere

Give the landscaping fifty years to settle in, have owners who tend it well, and create a place worthy of a tour. Remember to check out the house, too. They’re selling the property for $1.7 million. There’s more here than just a few flowers.

This time of year, shopping for homes can be distracting. Lawns are green. Blooms and bees are everywhere. This property in Innis Arden has a sloped acre holding enough variety to keep a botanist busy identifying all of the plants. Small and tall, evergreen and flowering.

Just get ready for lots of weeding, pruning, intricate mowing, and raking. Or get ready for regular visits by a gardener.

The land is half the view. Look up and see the Sound and the Olympics. Cruise ships and container ships, the Navy, and a few ferries provide some extra sights.

Of course the main event is the house. It’s a 1967 midcentury with slightly steeper peaks than some. Naturally, some of the rooms will be aligned with the view, but with 3,270 square feet inside, some will have more territorial views. All the more reason for beautiful gardens.

Even the kitchen gets a chance at the views. Check the age on the cabinets and appliances for retro versus upgrade decisions.

Via Windermere

Several places in the house are nicely arranged for sitting areas. A corner fireplace, interior brick walls, and an overall minimalist aesthetic will fit someone’s style well.

There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms. A broad wood accent just below the ceiling ties them all together. What appears to be a room divider could turn one space into two bedrooms or one large suite.

When the chores are over and the weather permits, head back outside to stone patio to relax and watch the world flow by.