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This lakefront A-frame in the Olympics soaks in mountain sunsets

A short commute—to hiking, that is

Via West Realty

The Olympic Mountains are more than just a backdrop for Seattle sunsets. With houses like this one on Lake Cushman’s waterfront, they’re part of the neighborhood. This community sits beside the lake—and plays on it, too.

This A-frame from 1971 sits in trees on just over half an acre.

It’s a tiny house at 660 square feet, but not as tiny as some. With only one bedroom and one bathroom, the space isn’t chopped up as much.

Typical for the style of home, the bedroom is upstairs in the loft. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide great views from up there. Being on the waterfront means a west view across the water and up to Olympic National Park.

Downstairs is a period piece in one. Heavy, dark, exposed beams grid the ceiling. Wood paneling wraps around the living room. Carpet is a surprising choice considering the surrounding forest, but it does keep the feet warmer and noises softer. The main event is the view, naturally.

The local wood does get used in the wood stove inside and the fire pit outside.

The property is listed as “mostly furnished,” meaning possible savings for couches and such.

The lake is known for fishing and boating, so the dock is definitely a benefit. It’s a floating dock, but not for the tides. Spring snow melt fills the lake and a power plant slowly lets the water out.

The house’s grounds are a draw. Sit on the deck shaded by trees or by the water for a picnic. The community’s grounds include more. The bigger grounds may be the biggest attraction. The $479,000 property may have a Walk Score of zero, but the house can be a base camp for days, weeks, months, or a lifetime of hiking in the mountains.