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5 of the most affordable homes in Belltown

All condos, and all with views


Dive into downtown and find five of the most affordable homes in Belltown, where condos rule the market. Everything that is Seattle is so close that walking and buses may mean no need for a car. One less worry.

Step out onto the balcony and gets views of the Sound. Head to the sixth level for views of the Needle. That’s the nice thing about being in the midst of it all. The unit is the tiniest (480 square feet) and the cheapest ($408,000, plus $319 per month in HOAs). That’s enough room for one bedroom and one bathroom, plus an in-unit laundry. The building was built in 2000. Check to see if the appliances are from then, too.

Squeaking in at under a half a million dollars, $499,950, is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo with 610 square feet. The living room gets the windows, but the bedroom isn’t left out thanks to an innovative wall arrangement. At least for a while, watch the Amazon bubble city. This unit is newer, built in 2006, and comes with hardwood floors, granite counters, and stainless steel appliances.

It must be nice to have front row seats for every Space Needle fireworks show. A slightly smaller unit (603 square feet) is a penthouse loft with a well-positioned balcony and 12 foot ceilings. It, too, has one bedroom and one bathroom. Slightly more modern, built in 2009, it’s priced at $529,000 (plus $404 per month). The long kitchen ties the living room with its windows to the bedroom in back.

Views of the Needle, again. That’s one way to orient a space. At $550,000 (plus $478 per month) the one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit has 718 square feet. That’s enough room for a den, as well. Built in 2000, it has granite counters (for the kitchen workspace) as well as glass counters (for serving). Stainless steel appliances fit in beside burgundy cabinetry.

Add $25,000 and get to $575,000. The space expands to include two bedrooms and one and three-quarter bathrooms. The 927-square-foot floorplan gets more room to flow, providing many more windows. It’s also a corner unit, so views come in from two directions. Appliances come in other finishes besides stainless steel. Here, white appliances and natural wood cabinets soften the feel of the 2002 condo.