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A $120K tiny house sits on an acre of waterfront

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A 196-square-foot house by a big lake and a bigger park

Via Lake Cushman Realty

A classic combo of a tiny house on a big lot gets moved up a level by sitting on a bluff by a lake with a view of the mountains. The square footage inside may be small, but the square footage outside seems endless.

Sitting at the south end of Lake Cushman is a 2017 tiny house. The property includes more than an acre of land with 90 feet of waterfront. Carving out enough room for a 196 square foot cabin barely makes a dent in the lot. Enough trees remain to frame the view and shade the house. It’s the Olympics, so don’t be surprised by big trees and evergreen-coated mountains.

Waterfront is great, but it looks like the level land was up on a bit of a bluff. Sit higher, see farther, assuming there are no trees in the way. Walk down to the shore and a private dock. Check to see if the dock is as new as the cabin.

A kitchenette with a propane cooktop and oak cabinets is the main feature indoors. A half bathroom completes what is probably a studio layout. Solar power is available, so going off the grid becomes a little easier.

As with most tiny houses, decks expand the living space, especially when they are in such beautiful environments. Here, there’s room for a large grill (though check to see if it stays) and a dining area. A broad platform looks like a fine tent platform for guests.

Compared to Seattle’s prices, the listing price, $119,900 looks more like a down payment. In Hoodsport, even on lakefront with an acre, that’s enough to buy a tiny house by a massive park. Location, location, location.