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A little cabin and trailer in the Whidbey Island woods

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The trailer is optional, but come on

Courtesy of Coldwell Banker Tara Properties

On more than 17,000 square feet of field and forest affectionately dubbed “Camp Whidbey,” this 484-square-foot cabin in Freeland is a home base for outdoor adventuring. Add in the vintage Spartan Royal Manor trailer complete with vintage appliances for extra-cute campouts.

The cabin was built in 1900, but has some creature comforts we’re used to now, like electricity, appliances, and a full bathroom. It’s been cared for and updated, but some details nod to the cabin’s age, like a small wood stove.

There’s enough space for small gatherings during more inclement weather and room for a few to sleep—some more luxurious than others. Anyone that went to summer camp knows that the top bunk, like the one atop the built-in bunk beds, is prime real estate.

The top bunk may seem like a consolation prize next to the trailer, though, if the buyer decides to go for both. A vintage kitchen decked out in robin-egg blue—both the stove and the fridge—leads back to a cozy, private bedroom. A wide couch in the living area adds yet another place to gather or sleep.

Even without the trailer, there’s plenty of space to spread out. Two fifths of an acre include a wide field for either games or, if you have some extra guests, some tents. A large, covered dining area allows for outdoor dining even when it’s a little icky outside. A fire pit makes safe campfires—and s’mores—easy.

The land with the cabin and all the outdoor fixings is listed for $169,000. Trailer, price negotiable, sold separately.