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Ralph Anderson’s ‘Glass Cathedral’ on Lake Washington listed for $1.6 million

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This 1964 home by the iconic northwest architect is built for sunrises

Courtesy of Avenue Properties

Architect Ralph Anderson is a local icon, both as “the father of Pioneer Square” and as a pioneer of the northwest contemporary style. His residential work is known for natural exteriors that give way to soaring ceilings, far-reaching windows, and interaction with the outside world.

That rings true here: While the modern exterior is impressive, it doesn’t detract from the natural world around it. Anderson found ways to bring that natural world inside at every turn.

The centerpiece—appropriately for the home’s name, “Glass Cathedral”—is a box of thin windows that reach the full height of a living area’s cathedral ceiling, an Anderson hallmark. Those windows draw light and views back to lofted spaces and open hallways above.

One space uses the lower fireplace’s pillar to create a cozy, fireside nook above the main living area.

Also in true Anderson style, creative skylights keep natural light streaming in, even far from the centerpiece windows. That, plus additional floor-to-ceiling windows.

This house will not deprive anyone of access to the natural surroundings. Multiple decks overlook Lake Washington, accessible from bedrooms, the dining room, and a den below.

The nitty-gritty: The home has three bedrooms, all with deck access, plus two and a half bathrooms. More than 3,000 square feet of interior space leaves plenty of room for different little spaces to gather, depending on the mood that strikes you.

It’s just one block from Lake Washington and Madrona Beach, making a dip in the lake almost as easy as going in your backyard. Between the location and the architect, a seven-figure price tag is almost in evitable—in this case, it’s $1.6 million.