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5 of the most affordable homes in Mount Baker

In a neighborhood with a $4M high end, affordable is relative


The top price in the Mount Baker neighborhood is about $4 million. Compared to that, these five are much more affordable.

At least one house is listed at under a half a million dollars. A historic 1906 two-story is priced at $450,000. It has three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms in the 2,230-square-foot space. It also has vintage furnishings: steel appliances from before the stainless trend, acoustic tile ceilings, natural wood cabinetry, and a wall-mounted phone with an extra long cord. A bonus: roses in bloom on the 5,227-square-foot lot.

Here’s a 1922 craftsman with the magic trio of materials: hardwood, stainless steel, and granite. The two-bedroom, one-and-three-quarter bathroom home is listed at $575,000. Inside is 1,370 square feet of living space that has been updated and polished. Outside is the 4,356 square-foot lot with a fenced backyard. For someone, it will be not too big or small, a Goldilocks house.

Here’s where things get dramatically less affordable very quickly. So much for houses under a million dollars.

The third house on the list is on the market at just under $1.3 million. That’s $500,000 more than it sold for about ten years ago. It is a gorgeous and classic 1912 craftsman with features like a front porch, a fireplace bracketed by built-in bookcases and a pair of side windows, and a box-beam ceiling. That’s the package for four bedrooms, three bathrooms, 3,120 square feet inside and 3,998 square feet outside. It has views, too.

This looks like a nice time of year to visit the gardens on this 10,114-square-foot lot. Enjoy well-established landscaping and a view of the lake. The corner lot also holds a 1928 brick two story with five bedrooms and four bathrooms in 3,870 square feet of elegance. Crystal chandeliers and marble fireplace framed in fine woodwork are reminders of another era. Today’s price is a very modern $1,700,000.

Take it up a notch to $1,995,000 for another brick home, this one a 1928 Georgian colonial. It’s also on a large lot: 10,496 square feet. Expect luxury features throughout the 4,690 square feet of living space with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Note a sunroom, an outdoor pool, theater, and den or nursery. The detail may be easier to see in something simple, like the entry woodwork in the banister and closet door. Details make the difference.