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People named Anne tend to own more valuable Washington State homes, report says

We also have a comparably high concentration of Heidis

Waterfront homes in Port Ludlow, Washington. Unclear whether they are owned by people named Anne.
Jonathan Miske/Flickr

Here’s a fun report from Zillow. The real estate listing site analyzed property records in 46 states and found that in Washington State, people named Anne typically own the most valuable homes.

Compared to $334,000, their estimate of Washington State’s median home value, homeowners named Anne have a median home value of about 30 percent more: $435,308.

Annes cleaned up nationwide, too. Out of the 46 states they analyzed, 30 out of the 46 had traditionally feminine names owning their most valuable homes, and Anne recurred the most often. They concentrated along the West Coast, owning the most high-priced property in California, Oregon, and Washington and spreading eastward to Colorado, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Alabama and South Carolina.

Despite Annes taking the top spot in some high-priced states, including ours, the top nationally-ranked names was Stuart, followed close behind by Allison.

While they didn’t take any prizes for high-priced real estate, Zillow also noticed a high concentration of Heidi homeowners in Washington. This isn’t, they clarify, the most popular name in the state—for most states, that leads to a long list of Johns and other common names with small concentrations—we just have a lot of Heidis compared to other places.

On Zillow’s website, you can look up your name and see where the highest concentration of your-name homeowners are and the value of their homes. (Right at the top of the list, Aaron has a high concentration in Spokane, Washington—19.6 out of every 10,000 homeowners in the Lilac City have that name.)