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Ryan Lewis is selling his $7.5 million home—so he let Allen Stone break in

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Lewis is selling his Magnolia estate, so why not?

In the foreground is a green lawn. In the distance is a large white mansion with multiple levels. On the lower level are columns and a porch. Courtesy of Windermere

Ryan Lewis, the non-Macklemore half of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, bought his massive Magnolia estate in 2014 $3.3 million. Since then, he’s done some extensive remodeling—and added some lions, taxidermy, and gold-leaf ceilings. It hit the market again just a couple of weeks ago, listed for a cool $7.45 million.

The entryway to a mansion. There is a large door. On both sides of the door are stone sculptures of lions and decorative light sconces.

To show it off, he let fellow Washington State musician Allen Stone “break into” his house with a crew filming the whole thing. To get an idea of what Stone gets into: This home takes up 7,000 square feet just inside. Much of that space is for gathering and entertaining.

Usually, four doesn’t seem like a small number of bedrooms. In this much space, though, it gives you some idea how much is devoted to lounging, bathing, and entertainment.

A grand entryway with soaring cathedral ceilings leads to open staircases both upstairs and down, or straight ahead into a long series of gathering spaces, lightly separated by pillars and ceiling beams.

Those gold-leaf ceilings extend throughout.

That open collection of living spaces includes a conversation and piano area, a fireside lounge, and formal dining space.

From the great room, an archway leads back into a smaller fireside dining area and the kitchen, a spiral staircase leads to the second floor.

Multiple French doors from the main floor lead to a wide, view deck with a stone railing.

Downstairs, a lower deck lines the edges of an even bigger fireside lounge with a bar, plus a library complete with built-in floor-to-ceiling shelves and a ladder that runs along a track. A home theater eschews the hard surfaces common in the rest of the home, likely for sound-dampening.

Upstairs, find yet another deck, this one connected to a master suite with a small office and a marble bathroom.

Out back, a hilly yard leads to rocky beachfront.

For that up-close-and-personal look at home—very close, very personal—follow Stone along as he climbs up the bluff to the house, breaks into the kitchen window with a credit card, drinks some wine, takes a bath, and tears through Lewis’s closet and library. (“You can tell a lot about a young man based upon two things: the bubbles in his bath and the books in his lib.’”)

If you’re watching somewhere that swears are an issue, maybe use headphones for this one.

This article has been updated since its original publication to reflect that Ryan Lewis did not personally film Allen Stone breaking into his house.