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Peace and privacy in a tiny house on Fox Island

Little, but with plenty of room to play

Via Keller Williams

Get ready to buy lots of beach chairs and sunscreen. It’s the season for beach cottages and the beach itself. A little 588 square-foot one-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage sits on more than half an acre of Fox Island’s waterfront.

The house was built in 1994, long after glaciers built the beach beside it.

It’s a classic design: Line everything up with the water and the shore. Give the sea side of the house big windows. Put a long, wide deck between the house and the beach. (That’s where the beach chairs come in.)

With enough room, wrap the deck around the side for easier access and maybe a bit of shade when it comes time to grill. Keep going around back and make room for the inevitable stack of toys.

Inside, the house stays comfortable and casual. No need to get fancy. Running away to an island beach cottage is a time to relax and unwind. Watch the world flow by. Those big windows bring in lots of light. The kitchen is simple and efficient. Tile for counters and floors may survive sand better than shinier surfaces would.

This tiny house has a great view, and the home’s single bedroom gets as much exposure as the living room thanks its own large window. Wake up to sunshine reflecting off the water. In bad weather, stay in bed and watch the storms. Maybe stoke up the wood stove.

In good weather, get inspired to get out there and play.

The home is listed for $625,000. The population is climbing, so demand for being beside the water that defines the region is increasing.

They aren’t making more beaches though, so the prices may start climbing even more. What’s privacy, peacefulness, and a place to play worth?