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Howard Schultz’s $7.5M condo finally sells after almost 10 years on the market

Nine years, 10 months, one week

The Millennium Tower.
Via Windermere

It took nearly a decade, but it looks like this unfinished penthouse in the Millennium Tower for a cool $7.5 million in late May. The condo, which Howard Schultz purchased a good long time ago, went pending in early April—making the time from first listing to eventual sale nearly ten years, or, to be more exact, nine years, 10 months, and one week, by Jeff J. Reynolds of Urban Condo Spaces’s calculations.

There wasn’t a huge effort made to sell the place. Listing photos show a gigantic-but-unfinished space with taped floors and ceilings that go beyond industrial-chic. But the sheer size—9,876 square feet, more than triple the size of most houses—and height of the place alone account for a few million.

The rest is, of course, the location: No condos in this tower on Second Avenue and Columbia Street go for less than seven figures.

To put in context how long this has been on the market, Reynolds gives some perspective: This listing has seen three presidents (and four presidential terms). Breaking Bad completed its entire run while this home was on the market—we’d add that then, fans waited more than a year for spinoff Better Call Saul, which completed two and a half seasons before this condo sold.

Babies born when this house went on the market are, depending on when they entered school, about to graduate fourth grade. Kids getting excited to graduated from high school when this home was listed are now in their late 20s.

Clearly, a lot can happen in 10 years—including the sale of a hard-to-sell condo.