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Live in a tower at 123 Dew Knot Enter in Port Angeles

Hide away along 784 feet of shoreline

Via Coldwell Banker

Someone had some misanthropic fun with this home from the very start. Even the address proves it: 123 Dew Knot Enter. Don’t expect a boring rambler of a house.

It’s easier to get to name the street where there aren’t as many streets, houses, or neighborhoods. Move far enough out and get that opportunity as well as the chance to buy almost thirty acres of ocean waterfront. The property has 784 feet of shoreline along the Strait of Juan de Fuca—that’s more than two football fields of north-facing coast.

Behind the shore is a 1,300 square-foot house that is far from the city and far from normal. The octagonal tower stands out and up. It isn’t the only uncommon feature; a greenhouse abuts the house, creating a sunroom and sanctuary.

The tower is big enough to hold the dining room downstairs and at least one of the two bedrooms upstairs. There may be yet another floor set aside as a sitting room. Climb an innovative, almost-spiral staircase to panoramic views.

The house was built just over twenty years ago in 1995, and has artistic touches like a live-edge counter and rustic pieces like the pragmatic wood stove. Dozens of acres on the Olympic Peninsula can provide more than enough firewood.

The one and a quarter bathrooms are slightly more normal than the rest of the house, although one of them isn’t completely enclosed on top.

Guests are inevitable. The $750,000 property includes a guest cabin, as well as a studio and a garage.

Telling people the address over the phone may be a practice in patience, however, and could, ironically, mean spending more time interacting with strangers. Dew, not do. Knot, not not. D-E-W K-N-O-T.