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Your very own rooftop bar in this midcentury modern Broadview home

Walls of windows bring Puget Sound inside

Amaryllis Lockhart/ClarityNW

Tucked away in a wooded area on the north edge of Broadview is a midcentury modern home that not only soaks in the forest around it, but sweeping views of the mountains and sound.

Those views come in from every room—starting at the front door. Even standing on the front patio, one can see through the living room straight to the Olympics thanks to walls of floor-to-ceiling windows.

It makes it hard to hang much art, but the walls certainly won’t feel bare.

While it was built in 1951, renovations make this house feel like a modern-modern home. The walls without windows are where the Pacific Northwest midcentury elements of the home shine, bringing in natural materials that complement the surroundings. A simple stone pillar of a fireplace takes up a large corner of a room. Accent walls encorporate organically-shaped stone.

Like the best Pacific Northwest moderns, each window-filled room is designed to bring in the trees around it. Even a shower is positioned along a glass wall. The trees along the window are both the privacy screen and the decoration. Simple, exposed-wood details complement the greenery outside.

But the best place to show off the home’s views—especially to company—is from an expansive roof deck, accessible through a large home bar. Garage doors open between the bar and the deck to bring a little bit of that outside in for the party.

The main problem with this home: You’d have to deal with being the one hosting all the parties. It’s listed for $2.15 million.