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A tiny cabin in Gold Bar for $140K

A trio of trends create a unique opportunity

Via Windermere

Here’s an uncommon combination: riverside, tiny house, and midcentury. Take three trends, throw them into one package, and possibly be surprised at a price of $140,000.

Most cabins are built to one of two likenesses, either log cabins or A-frames. Why not build it in a midcentury style with a slightly pitched roof, exposed beams inside, and a great room layout on the main floor? It’s only natural considering it was built in 1964.

Nature is the reason for a cabin, that and the desire for a quiet retreat. The two-story house sits beside the South Fork of the Skykomish River. Take your pick of the decks for watching the water flow by, or step down to the river banks to try and catch dinner. As long as it’s safe, try out the river for swimming and boating. Look up for views of the mountains, weather permitting.

When it all works right, there may be no better place to be.

Inside, find one bedroom and a three-quarter bathroom, just right for the 529 square feet of living space. All of the basic utilities are in: power, water, septic. That’s a bonus compared to many mountain cabins.

A few concessions are usually required in cabin life. The kitchen is well-equipped but expect to wash dishes by hand. Electric heat is installed, but that wood stove looks like it has a history of being used. At least there’s plenty of wood outside, if not on the 6,970-square-foot lot then somewhere in the neighborhood.

The tiny cabin is cute and quaint, but it also carries a caution—it’s being sold as-is. An inspection report is available, but that may not matter if the goal is to do as little as possible, or dramatically bring it up to date.