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SeaHawk houseboat perfect for fans of the sea or the Hawks

Three decks, two bedrooms, and a big view

Via Special Agents Realty

Football fan or no, it’s easy to be a fan of this houseboat on the west side of Lake Union.

671 square feet is small for a house, but on the bigger side of houseboat, retaining the small-space charm without getting too cramped. (If it’s too small, additions of up to 120 square feet are allowed.)

The Seahawks theme mostly ends at the green exterior, the name, and a Seahawks porchlight. But there’s plenty of room to step up the decor.

On the lower level, a large deck invites you through the front door, leading into a kitchen and living room.

Two decks on the lower level allow plenty of room for dipping your toes in the water: the wider deck by the front door, and a narrower deck with tie-offs through a thin door at the back of the lower bedroom.

A full bathroom, complete with a bathtub, is a nice bonus in houseboat-sized homes.

A second bedroom takes up a small cabin atop the vessel. From that space, French doors lead to a large deck with water and city views.

Located around the midpoint between the southern tip of Lake Union and the Fremont Bridge, it has easy access to both the city center and both Ballard and Fremont to the north.

This boat was built in 2012, a great year for die-hard Seahawks fans. During this vessel’s first season, we were a year away from winning a Super Bowl, but the team was starting to pick up momentum: undefeated in home games, actually winning playoff away games.

This boat has been around for some incredible moments in Seattle’s NFL history. Take it through a few more for $400,000 even—plus $640 per month in slip rent, which includes water, garbage, and the liveaboard fee.