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Family of Bavarian tiny homes available for little Leavenworth getaways

The itty-bitty accommodations start at just 181 square feet

Leavenworth's Bavarian architecture is cute enough on its own, but shrink those houses to an itty-bitty size and it reaches a new level.

National small-accommodation company Petite Retreats recently opened five tiny houses available as vacation rentals, ranging from 180 square feet to 300. The company, working in partnership with Leavenworth RV Campground and tiny house manufacturers Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, have custom-designed each house to draw inspiration from Leavenworth’s Bavarian style and heritage.

These five houses line the shore of Trout Lake at the Leavenworth RV Resort, 20 minutes outside of Leavenworth. A shared fire pit with adirondack chairs ties them together, but each is distinct, so much so that Petite Retreats did in-depth character development on each. This includes a name and unique personality that define everything from the exterior color to the interior experience.

The five tiny houses can accommodate between two and five guests, and vary slightly in construction in their tiny size. Though each house can be rented separately, they together comprise a family of travel-loving Bavarian siblings. “Hanna,” “Otto,” “Belle,” “Adeline,” and “Rudolf” are each ready for guests, designed and equipped with everything you need for a long weekend in the mountains or week-long Oktoberfest vacation in Leavenworth.

The smallest house, Hanna, sits in the middle of the five-house row. It’s designed for two guests with just 181 square feet and a single sleeping area. As is typical for tiny homes, the loft area is dominated by a queen-sized bed and sits above the kitchen and bathroom. The living area includes a small sitting area and two-person dining table.

The kitchen is perhaps the most spacious part of this smallest tiny home, in line with the Hanna’s “personality” of loving art, good food, and homey hospitality. It’s also Instagram-worthy, with a few pops of pink and polka dots throughout the interior design.

Rudolf, at 250 square feet, can ambitiously fit four to five people. On the outside, the bright orange house is hard to miss; inside, it feels like stepping into a small hunting cabin with more neutral and cool tones on the pillows.

Rudolf has a larger loft space, capable of fitting two people in a queen bed and another in a twin. The couch folds out, creating space for two more people to sleep. It would be cozy on a rainy Pacific Northwest day, but it’s perfect for a family with a few kids who want to get out of the city.

Both Adeline and Otto are 287 square feet, but their “personalities” could not be more different.

Adeline, a bright blue tiny house that sits under the trees in the RV Campground, has a hospitality theme, with pineapples in almost every room, including the bathroom. Adeline can sleep four comfortably, with a queen bed and twin bed in the loft, and another twin on the first floor. The rest of the tiny house is equally cozy, with a couch, dining area, and as spacious a kitchen as one could hope for—including an island that provides additional counter and cooking space.

Otto is a nice combination of features in Adeline and Rudolf, adding the potential for a fifth person because of a fold-out couch rather than second twin bed on the first floor. With all the same features as the other tiny houses and decorated with travel-themed art, bright yellow Otto inspires to get outside even in the likely event that the sun isn’t shining.

Belle is the largest of the tiny houses, at a comparably spacious 307 square feet. Capable of comfortably sleeping five on a fold-down couch in a back living area, Belle is perfect for families, and riffs on the family-friendly theme with small Beauty and the Beast references around the house, including a rose under glass above the door.

Guests at the Leavenworth Tiny House Village are able to access other amenities in the campground, including the pool, trails, and parking. The tiny houses start from $129 per night and are available for rental now; each one comes fully equipped with linens, power, and even cable TV in case the rain keeps you inside.