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Five of the most affordable Seattle-area homes under 500 square feet

Affordability meets minimalism, naturally


Affordable and tiny are natural partners, and they also can inspire innovation. For Mirco Week, we decided to focus on size rather than neighborhood.

Here are five of the most affordable tiny homes in the Seattle area. Resourceful solutions happen.

Via Huletz Real Estate

Tiny house living is nothing new in Seattle. Tiny houseboats have been part of the city since people realized that living on water could be better than living on land. Here’s a one-bedroom, three-quarter-bathroom houseboat at the bottom of North Queen Anne that has 360 square feet inside and a necessarily nautical theme. For $220,000, buy a house that can be steered like a boat.

Via Windermere

Want something on land instead? Listed at $239,950 is a 7,823 square foot lot that holds a one-bedroom, one-bathroom, 430-square-foot house from 1945. It looks like it could use some repair. Consider this a fine “before” photo that precedes an epic remodeling project. After all of the sweat and bills, end up with a showpiece that’s only a couple of blocks from Puget Sound.

Via Century 21

How about a bit more land, like almost a third of an acre? That’s not so tiny. The house is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom, 1952 cottage that’s listed at $299,950. It has some cute details indoors, like an archway leading from the living room, and a classic brick fireplace. The draw for resourceful gardeners may be the large lot with raised beds and outbuildings. The tinier the house, the more room left over for fresh veggies.


Head out to North Bend where a house in the forest becomes more cabin than cottage. A one-bedroom, one-bathroom house from 1966 sits its 480 square feet on a wooded 9,147 square foot lot. Priced at $300,000, it looks like the “after” photo from a recent remodel. Little decorative touches have a bigger impact, like the bright red door, the ornament on the wood stove, and just the right furniture.

Via Special Agents Realty

Swing back into town for another houseboat. “Water Lodge” is more house than boat, despite its very yacht-y neighbors. It’s a one-bedroom, one-bathroom home with 400 square feet inside and either nothing or all of Lake Union outside, depending on personal perspective. It is listed at $345,000 and comes with a high ceilings and a sweet, covered deck. Enjoy the fact that it was built in 2008, making it the youngest of the five.