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A tiny house on wheels is ready to roll in La Conner

Luxuries fill this mini-cathedral

Via Tiny House Listings

A tour of master builder Rusty Galbreath’s tiny house on wheels may take a lot longer than the 239 square feet would suggest. Luxuries start at the front door, continue all the way to the back, and then cover the exterior.

Step in and find a cathedral ceiling. A settee tucked into a window well sits beneath a peaked roof that pulls in extra light courtesy of two triangular windows that fit into the upper reaches.

Almost every surface is fine wood: ceilings, walls, floors, and counters.

With 176 square feet on the main floor, there’s enough room for stairs to the 64-square-foot loft.

Tiny homes make use of every bit of space. In this case, that means the stair treads climb above storage, the microwave niche, and the refrigerator. Windows on both sides let light and air flow through.

Atop those stairs is enough room for the bedroom loft. The space is bracketed by a pair of skylights along a peaked alcove, plus more windows on either side of the loft. There’s even a tiny window behind the head of the bed for yet one more portal.

Downstairs and at the back may be one of the most luxurious tiny house features: a two-person spa in the bathroom, a place that usually barely finds room for a sink in a place this small.

Outside, the wood construction continues, and is capped with a metal roof like so many northwest contemporary homes. This one benefits from pragmatic additions like shutters that actually work and wood covers for the wheel wells for a more permanent appearance after the tiny house finally finds a home and place to park.

The package is priced at $49,500, pricier than some tiny houses on wheels, but far cheaper than houses with similar features. Affordable luxury.