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Classic tiny cabin by Denny Creek is just big enough

Only $82.5K, only 500 square feet, only a drive away

Via Champions Real Estate

Cabins were some of the original tiny houses. Build it just big enough, and no bigger. A 500 square foot cabin from 1954 sits in the trees and beside the trails around Denny Creek and Snoqualmie Pass. Settle into an excellent base camp and retreat.

The big river rock fireplace and wood interior make it feel like a log cabin from a century ago. It’s more modern than that. The rocks surround a wood stove, not an open fire box, so hopefully the heating will be more efficient. Rustic floors, walls, and ceilings create a relaxed environment. New structural lumber makes it more likely that the building will feel as solid as it should.

Rustic is fine, but features like new kitchen cabinets are probably more appealing because they offer more storage and are more likely to be level. Check out the range that looks like it’s from another era, yet is modern enough to work from propane. In true cabin fashion, the dining area is a settee to save space.

Upstairs are a couple of bedrooms. Sleep close enough to the roof to listen to the rain’s lullaby. Be glad hot air rises, so staying warm is easier.

With so many classic features it might be worth checking into some things that aren’t featured. The number of bathrooms is listed as 0. There must have been some solution for the last sixty or so years.

The real choice for the eventual buyer will be choosing to live in one of those rare combinations that are available in our area: a cabin in the woods, by a stream, down the hill from the ski resorts, and beside a highway that makes a commute to the city possible.

The surprise is the price, $82,500. That’s less than some down payments and buys things that can’t be found anywhere else.