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This Lake Union floating home has layers of rooftop decks

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It’s surrounded by both water and trees


There’s a lot going on with this two-bedroom houseboat on Lake Union: It has an incredible amount of space, especially for a home on the water. It’s practically right under the Aurora Bridge, making a quick trip over to Fremont a breeze.

Out of everything, though, there’s one standout feature: Layers upon layers of decks for lounging on the water.

Atop the home, one large, upper deck leads down to a wraparound deck via spiral staircase. Pop back down through the home to reach a back deck perfect for launching kayaks—or up to a 32-foot boat.

You could live your entire life outside in this home—but thankfully for the Seattle climate, you don’t have to.

The lower floor uses an open floor plan, making an already-large area for entertaining seem even more spacious. A cozy living area nestles around a wood stove-style fireplace by French doors leading to the back.

The kitchen is larger than most in homes this size, with counter space coating one corner of the great room.

Upstairs, accessible by another spiral staircase, two bedrooms both feature great views and deck access.

The home’s larger bathroom makes no compromises, with both a large bathtub and a walled shower with pebble-like stone work.

The surroundings are, of course, beautiful, but it’s not just the lake. The Old Boathouse dock, originally the home of the Center for Wooden Boats, is full of both gorgeous, floating neighbors and plant life, including trees. On this dock, living on the water doesn’t mean giving up leaves outside your window.

A home with this many headlines doesn’t come at a small price—and listed at $1.29 million, this one is no exception.