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Listen to Lake Union on April’s Song houseboat

From the roof deck or the loft

Courtesy of Special Agents Realty

This houseboat is not unlike a condo, with its full kitchen and bath and 616 square feet of space. But it doesn’t skimp on the nautical business, like a port window to the deck or its staggered-level floor plan.

The home offers two main areas to bunk down: One is a full bedroom on the lower level. The other is a cozy loft above the kitchen, accessible by ladder. Someone who tosses and turns a lot may want to opt for the former—but if this houseboat ends up being for one, taking the loft could mean an office or den below.

On the second floor, a large living area looks out on the surrounding dock from a large picture window.

Climb up another half floor for an even better view from the 16-by-11-square-foot rooftop deck, trimmed with rope for a nautical touch and all ready for sunbathing.

Compared to many other houseboats and floating homes we’ve featured, April’s Song is relatively low-frills. That translates to a less-frilly price: $345,000. Expect to pay an extra $620 in slip rent, which includes the liveaboard fee.

A survey inspection has already been completed with a haulout, hull maintenance, and painting, so that’s one less thing to worry about—and you can get out on that deck as soon as possible.