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Retreat to a tiny house in Snoqualmie Pass for under $100K

It offers more than the tiny size and price suggest

Via Avenue Properties

A price under $100,000 (in this case, $98,800) is usually the beginning of a pitch about affordability, but this 1949 cabin impresses with what it provides and features a prime location for mountain-minded folks.

Sitting near the Pacific Crest Trail and Alpental means year-round ways to play and relax in Snoqualmie Pass. It’s a cabin, but it’s a blend of A-frame, log cabin, and conventional construction.

The steep roof sheds the hundreds of inches of snow. Wood panels and authentic fir floors maintain that rustic feel that’s great for a personal retreat. More conventional walls on the first floor open the space into a more typical great room, that’s great for those days when weather means retreating indoors.

A wall of windows more common in town lets in a lot of light, and views of the forest and snow conditions. Wrapped around the expected wood stove are cantilivered stairs to the second floor, almost a modern touch.

Upstairs is officially one bedroom, set into the steep roof for a reminder of the A-frame slope to the roof. Like most ski chalets it sleeps more than fits in one bed. Don’t be surprised to find room for an extra bed or two. One limit may be the three-quarter bathroom, so there’s no bathtub. Lines happen.

Downstairs, find an unpretentious kitchen with a simple eating space. The oven choices seem to be dutch or countertop models. The wood stove adds a possible cook top possibility.

All of that magically fits into 836 square feet.

Need some more room? In the summer, enjoy the use of the 10,459-square-foot lot with a fire pit.

Get out the checkbook for this one; it’s a cash-only offering.

Snoqualmie Pass

1001 State Route 906, Snoqualmie, WA