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5 of the least expensive homes in Maple Leaf

The 5 choices sit in a tight price range

Via Windermere

A stroll through the listings finds five homes in Maple Leaf for about $600,000 to $700,000. That’s more affordable than some neighborhoods, but definitely less than others. Let’s see what that price range buys.

Wood paneling, a fireplace, and dark exposed beams in the living room typify this 1972 midcentury home. It’s core is a classic three-bedroom, two-bathroom combination that sits in 2,020 square feet. Modern shelving and lighting freshen the dining room. More wood paneling in the rec room (or auxiliary living space) retain the original vibe. The $600,000 price includes a 4,930-square-foot lot, and a large deck.

For the same price, $600,000, buy a bit of history from 1927, just before the crash. The house is smaller, at two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,800 square feet, but the lot is bigger, at 6,381 square feet. A top-floor dormer provides some height and some privacy. Ornamental pillars bracket the front door. The newest update may be the shiny kitchen with slab counters, tile backsplash, and custom wood flooring.

Another home from the Baby Boom era (here, 1952), this one built from bricks. Notch the price up to $695,000. Inside, find fresher features, a more modern and playful paint scheme, and a checkerboard kitchen. Does that come with pieces to play with?

The 1,814-square-foot house sits on an 8,712-square-foot lot and holds two bedrooms and two bathrooms. At least there’s less weathered wood to worry about.

Step back to 1927 again, this time for a 1,640-square-foot house with stucco exterior. The smallest of the five, it manages to find room for three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The lot is also compact and efficient at 2,613 square feet. Listed at $699,000, take note of features that don’t show up in the numbers. The dramatic fireplace defines the living room. A rotunda of a breakfast nook distinguishes the kitchen.

Another 1927 stucco home is nearly the same price, $700,000, but this one is a craftsman. Look at the classic elements in the living room, like the tile fireplace bracketed by glass-doored built-in bookcases with a pair of windows above. It’s the largest of the five with 2,220 square feet inside for the three bedrooms and one bathroom. Outside, there’s the 3,484-square-foot lot with established landscaping.