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Nothing gets between this end-of-dock floating home and Portage Bay

This gives ‘waterfront home’ new meaning

Gordon Wang Photography

The views are almost always incredible from floating homes; they are, after all, right on the water. But this one is exceptional: Located on the end of the dock with floor-to-ceiling A-frame windows, there’s nothing between this home’s living room and Portage Bay.

Nothing, that is, except a large deck with a hot tub.

That deck wraps around the home, creating plenty of space for planting and sunbathing.

Inside, the home is a luxurious cabin. The living room is bordered by those gigantic windows to the east and an exposed-beam cathedral ceiling above. A cozy wood stove adds a warm detail for stormier days on the lake.

Above this space to the back is a small loft cozied up in the peak of the ceiling, right at skylight level for maximum sunlight.

Below, a second bedroom provides a little more privacy, but a similarly dynamic shape thanks to being nestled in the start of the ceiling’s slope. That slope means that even though it’s on a bottom floor, it also gets the skylight treatment.

The same is true in the kitchen, where an angled window looks down on a large, wraparound counter. A triangular cabinet, complete with a wine shelf, doubles as a staircase to the second floor.

The bathroom is only a three-quarter bath, but it makes up for the lack of bathtub with a gigantic, sit-down shower—also with a low skylight.

Floating homes, with their buoyancy, waterfront locations, and co-owned docks, tend to fetch a high price, and this one is no exception: $1.8 million.