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Gingerbread and gothic arches create a playful place

Go nonlinear with curves and unique character

Via John L Scott

For those who feel that boxes are too boring, A-frames are too angular, and domes go round and round, a 1983 house built from a couple of graceful gothic arches might be the answer. As an added touch, this 1,407 square-foot house in Woodinville is adorned with gingerbread trim, because, why not. Home ownership can be fun with the right home.

This fairy tale house isn’t hidden in some faraway forest. The lot is about a third of an acre, putting it in a fairly normal neighborhood. Step in through the door with the oval window and find a different type of fancy inside. A spiral staircase leads to the second floor, and a crystal chandelier hangs over the living space. The tall planter is an uncommon touch. It’s a great room arrangement, making the kitchen directly accessible to guests.

Arches define the rooms, including the three bedrooms and the one and three-quarter bathrooms. On the first floor, the curves are gentle, barely enough to affect furniture positioning, one of the challenges of A-frames and domes. On the second floor, the curves create a soaring cathedral feel for a place that’s unique. Creative types can play with the concept, as the previous owners began to do in one room with paint.

Outside, things get more linear. The tiered back deck expands the living area. A new, large shop and garage flanks the house with functional spaces. Tools, cars, and garage doors prefer right angles, evidently. Those toys need a place to play, too. The $529,000 package is fenced, making the fantasy world a bit more private.

Who’s next for living in a world that’s a bit less linear?