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This seven-story triangular building is sprouting up in First Hill

Right by the blue pavement park

Courtesy of Cyzner Properties

First Hill residents may have noticed a large construction zone spanning along University Street by Belmont and Boylston, enveloping the blue pavement park there.

That site will eventually be a seven-story luxury apartment building developed by New Jersey-based Cyzner Properties. Inside the triangular building will be 36 air-conditioned residential units, with 800-square-foot one-bedrooms and 950-to-1050-square-foot two-bedrooms.

As is common in new developments, the building will have a rooftop deck with a lounge and barbecue area.

At street level, 5,000 square feet of retail doesn’t yet have a tenant.

The pavement park next door, a Seattle Department of Transportation Pavement to Parks project, is currently being used as the building’s staging area.

The tradeoff for losing use of the park for a while is that as part of the development, Cyzner will work with the city to make improvements to the park like a bike path, improved seating, lighting, and plantings.

Cyzner tells us that the building is estimated for completion in 12 to 18 months—so summer or fall of 2018.