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Get out on the water in this two-bedroom Eastlake houseboat

Two bedrooms and three decks

John G. Wilbanks/Photography Inc.

As the weather heats up, a waterfront home starts to sound even more appealing than usual—and a home literally on the water sounds even more exciting. Docked at Hamlin Pier in Eastlake, this house barge provides plenty of opportunities for getting out on the water or just taking in Lake Union views.

French doors lead directly to the staircase that splits the levels of the home. Head down to the two bedrooms, which are as close to directly on the water as you can get. Upstairs, the living area has views that extend beyond the lake.

A long living room culminating in a full kitchen would not be out of place in a modern townhouse. Richly-grained hardwood floors add an upgrade.

From here, large, sliding-glass doors double as a picture window with water views and the way to the home’s smaller deck—a perfect, open-air extension of the living room.

The real portal to the outdoors is a door just off the kitchen. It leads directly to a deck wrapping around the home’s front, and from there, a staircase leads to a fully-realized roof deck.

Up here, there’s plenty of space for entertaining, or just for enjoying the view of both the water and Gas Works Park.

The barge operates at a space in between a houseboat and a traditional floating home. It’s moveable if necessary—and has that cute, boat-like look—but it’s hooked into the public sewer system.

The barge and its spot on the dock will run you $550,000, not including $1,050 a month for the lease on the dock, which includes water, sewer, garbage, and maintenance for the dock and common areas.