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Milton Stricker midcentury masterpiece listed for $1.75M

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Northwest disciple created this sleek, sunny North Beach home

Courtesy of GBK

Seattle may not have as many Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes as other cities, but he still left a pretty huge mark on our architecture through one of his local students: Milton Stricker.

Stricker joined Wright’s fellowship in 1951, and soon after got to work designing geometrically-complex modern homes with a careful eye for the natural world around them.

This four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in North Beach, completed in 1963, is no exception. Much of the main floor is organized around a central atrium topped with a peaked skylight. Picture windows bring that natural sunlight into the rooms surrounding it.

Not that the rooms on the home’s upper level have to worry about natural light—windows wrap the outer edges of the home, making sure that every room has access to light and views.

Rows of picture windows are punctuated by simple, multi-pane windows, maintaining the sleek simplicity while breaking any monotony. This pattern is especially striking in the living room, situated within three walls of floor-to-ceiling windows.

The basic geometry continues in other areas of the house, including a family room adjacent to the kitchen and dining room—featuring another fireplace and windows along the top half of the wall that nod to the living room’s design. This set of rooms lines one side of the central atrium, bringing in light from all sides.

Common areas have semi-open floorplans, breaking up the home’s areas while still maintaining a sense of cohesion.

Like many of the Northwest’s best midcentury homes, within the fluid design there’s room for unique pockets: A third fireplace anchors a den with built-in shelves and a boxbeam ceiling. A wood-paneled office or library’s workspaces line more of those multi-paned windows.

Between its prestigious design, its exclusive North Beach Club location, and its massive amount of land—more than 14,000 square feet—it’s no wonder this home is listed at $1.75 million.