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This little beach house on Point Monroe is perfect for playing in the Sound

Beach houses keep it light in many ways

Mike Seidl

It’s time to hit the beach, and just the right beach house makes the trip a relaxing escape. This 1937 cottage on Bainbridge Island’s Point Monroe is listed for $599,000. Say hello to sunshine, sand, and a big, watery back yard.

Point Monroe is a spit that wraps around a lagoon. The setting means water views from both sides of the house.

Beach houses tend to have light, airy designs, and this one is a fine example. White walls and ceilings and lightly stained floors spread the sunshine around the interior. Even the rough-rock fireplace has been brightened with coats of paint.

Tongue-in-groove strips of wood are effectively wainscoting, which means less worry about the inevitable dings and scrapes from people running around and having fun.

The house is relatively small at 758 square feet, just right for a getaway or a minimalist lifestyle. It holds two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an updated kitchen. White appliances fit with the rest of the decor. Modern fixtures do their job subtly without intruding. The only distraction inside should be the view of the outside, like in the living room.

Being at the beach means being outdoors. Between the sand and the inside are a couple of decks that provide shade and a convenient place to spread out picnic buffets and dry the inevitably messy beach towel. Toys like kayaks get a home too, thanks to a boat house. Need more space? The lot is 5,662 square feet of opportunities.

At night, watch the sun set over the Olympics while the tides quietly flow.