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How much did the rent go up (or down): July 2017 edition

What is median rent in Seattle right now?

An apartment building with outside entrances to the units and colorful doors—red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Jesse Noone/Flickr

Median rent in Seattle, by all accounts, has gone up. But how far—and the actual dollar figure—vary depending on what data you’re looking at. The summary: For a one-bedroom, it’s anywhere from $1,350 to $1,910.

Again, like last month, from Apartment List (AL)’s lower number comes from different methodology. Their goal is to figure out what median rent people are actually paying, not just on active apartment listings, like the data you get from the census, but on a monthly basis.

In short: AL’s estimates are more likely to be the overall number, whereas other estimates, like the ones from Zumper and Abodo, are more reflective of apartments currently available to rent.

AL’s one-bedroom estimate this month, $1,350, goes along with $1,680 for a two-bedroom. Overall, says AL, Seattle experienced a 5.6 percent increase year over year.

For two bedrooms, said AL, median rent is just a few hundred more, at $1,660. Overall, according to their numbers, Seattle’s rent went up 5.2 percent compared to this time last year.

Of course, that’s not as useful to someone looking for an apartment right this second. Zumper, who traditionally has the highest estimates, found that one-bedrooms in Seattle experienced a 7.9 percent increase over this time last year to $1,910. Two bedrooms, at $2,500, saw a 4.2 percent increase.

Studios, per Zumper, have a median price of $1,460, up 4.6 percent from last year. Both studios and one-bedrooms, by Zumper’s estimates, are down a little from last month.

Abodo actually saw a decrease in rent compared to this time last year (and only a tiny change month over month): one-bedroom median rent, by their math, is $1,748, a whopping 17 percent decrease compared to last July.

Two bedrooms, says Abodo, went down 11.5 percent to $2,319.

Zillow’s estimates fall in the middle end of high—$1,850 for a one-bedroom or $1,976 for a two-bedroom—although their estimates are based on all rentals, not just those on the market. Overall, they peg median Seattle rent at $2,142, or a 5.4 percent increase year over year.

For clarity, we’ve compiled everyone’s median rent estimates, national ranking for Seattle, and year-over-year change.

How much did the rent go up (or down) in June?

Listing site Studio Year over year One-bedroom Year over year Two-bedroom Year over year National rank
Listing site Studio Year over year One-bedroom Year over year Two-bedroom Year over year National rank
Apartment List N/A N/A $1,350 N/A $1,681 Overall: 5.6% 12
Zumper $1,460 4.6% $1,910 7.9% $2,500 4.2% 8
Abodo N/A N/A $1,748 -16.9% $2,319 -11.5% TBD
Zillow N/A N/A $1,850 11% $1,976 6.3% N/A
Abodo, AL, Zumper

Apartment List noted that every city in the metro saw a rise in rent both month over month and year over year. Kent saw an especially dramatic jump compared to this time last year: 11.7 percent.

This article has been updated since its original publication to add data from Abodo and Zillow.