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A cute craftsman sits by the beach in Ocean Shores

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400 square feet, a Murphy bed, and the dunes nearby

Via Tiny House Listings

Need to cool off? Head to the shore, in this case, Ocean Shores, where there’s a sweet 400-square-foot cottage sitting by the dunes on the market at $123,000. Flip flops not required, but may be a good idea.

Tiny houses can pack a lot of quality into a small space. Lime green siding with white trim sets the mood even before stepping onto the covered porch. Find the pair of hammocks swinging from the railing, and it may take a while to finally step inside.

Inside, find the attention to detail that has typified the tiny house movement. It’s more than just the bamboo floors. Trim work is classic craftsman. Check around the windows and doors for decorative elements that add without intruding. Modern hardware helps, but it may be the more subtle things, like pleasing paint selections, that unconsciously set the tone.

Head up the ladder to the loft with an arched entrance framed by paned windows. Definitely an upgrade from the usual simple shelf of most lofts. Find storage and art niches that make the space a welcoming retreat.

Downstairs there’s another sleeping arrangement. A cleverly integrated Murphy bed provides room for guests, or an opportunity to sleep downstairs if climbing up the ladder is too tiring after a day at the beach. If that’s not enough room for the inevitable guests, there are RV hookups outside.

A full kitchen manages to fit, including stone counters and stainless steel appliances, plus a bath and laundry. Impressive in such a tiny space.

Another pragmatic time and money saver: the house is being sold as furnished. Ready to live at the beach?