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A colorful Lake Union house barge with Space Needle views

Plus two bedrooms three decks

Courtesy of Beth Ann Warner

This 900-square-foot house barge on Lake Union, built in 1986, is distinct thanks to its sunshine-yellow exterior. But it has an even sunnier feature, one familiar to boxy homes on the water: a great roof deck.

The two bedrooms occupy most of the lower floor, bookending both of the home’s bathrooms—one three-quarter, one half, connected by a door in the center.

Both bedrooms have enough room for a queen bed. One of them even has the queen built-in with a storage shelf below.

There’s no missed opportunity for storage here. Outside those bedrooms, the stairs that lead to the living room contain a cupboard, like a nautical Harry Potter.

Move upstairs for a simple living room and a large kitchen, warmed by a wood stove. The kitchen is separated from the living area by a high breakfast bar, part of a wraparound counter, but the space leaves enough room for a closer-to-ground dining nook.

Either side of this room leads out to a deck—depending on whether you’re looking to take in a view of the lake or wave to a neighbor on the dock. Keep climbing from the dockside one to the largest of the three decks on the roof.

From the top, the views go unobstructed to the Space Needle to the south, framed on either side by the downtown skyline and nearby Gas Works Park.

The price on this barge is $599,000—plus $518 per month in HOA dues for its spot in the condo-owned dock.

Gas Works Park

2101 N Northlake Way , Seattle, WA