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A 1923 beach house pairs with a studio on Camano Island

A tiny house on a large lot near the beach

Via Windermere

A little house on a big lot is the dream of many, a place that’s small enough to be easy to take care of on a piece of property large enough for privacy and projects. Put the home by a beach and find a place to play, too.

Camano Island has a 1923 beach cabin sitting on 4.2 acres of open field. The 914-square-foot house sits in an neighborhood a street or two back from the water, close enough to get to the beach quickly, but far enough back to not have to pay waterfront premiums.

Sit on the deck and relax while looking down to the water. A retractable awning makes it easier to choose between catching some sun or enjoying some shade.

If the wind and weather aren’t cooperating, step inside for the same view from the living room with a trio of large windows. The style is classic island casual with light wood paneling and hardwood floors.

A view like that should get used as much as possible. That explains the position of the dining room with its double doors. It’s paired with the updated kitchen with its new appliances and a nautical blue theme.

The wood paneling continues into the two bedrooms. Wainscoting wraps around the one bathroom that includes a full laundry.

For when the beach cabin isn’t enough of a retreat, there’s a separate studio that comes complete with its own little deck.

The insides look like the outsides of some buildings thanks to wainscoting made from corrugated steel for the lower half of the walls against reclaimed barn wood. A sink and lights suggest it is plumbed for water and electricity, maybe all that’s needed for a room for inevitable guests—or for washing brushes.

Completing the package is a garage and shop that brings the total to $425,000. A lot for a little? Not necessarily: There are already plans submitted for building a bigger house on the property.