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5 of the least expensive homes in Shoreline

All under a half a million dollars, all with a bit of history

Via Windermere

Shoreline is busy with dozens of homes for sale. Here are five that squeak in under a half a million dollars. Don’t be surprised if they aren’t near the shoreline.

Via Century 21

Sneak in under a thousand square feet (960) and find a three-bedroom, one-bathroom house for $375,000. It’s 1953 rambler on a 9,624-square-foot lot. Look for period pieces like the scalloped window framing in the kitchen. Check to see if the rest of the cabinets are retro and back in style. Accent tiles encircle the bathroom and its window for a playful touch. A bit of rain will green that garden and lawn.

Via HomeSmart

Even smaller and older is an 830-square-foot home built in 1942. At least one interior archway is a reminder of the era. With only one bedroom and bathroom, each room can be bigger. The price is only slightly higher at $380,000. A covered front porch provides a place to relax, and is set far enough back from the road to provide some privacy, too. A bonus is a separate studio that acts as a retreat or guest room.

Via Windermere

Jump up in size to a 1,780-square-foot home that fits four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The style steps up, too, to midcentury from 1953 with at least one wall of windows, deep-green exposed ceiling beams, brick fireplaces, and a slightly sloped roof. The tavern-style doors into the kitchen may not be permanent, but can be fun. Include the 8,712-square-foot lot for a package priced at $399,000.

Via Windermere

Bright blue makes this 1929 home stand out. A series of steps to the front door is a hint that the basement is tall enough for more rooms. The 1,560-square-foot home holds four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Updates are evident throughout, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, naturally. Check whether the cove ceilings are original. A fenced 8,276-square-foot lot with fire pit and garage brings the total to $489,900.

Via Windermere

This one squeaks in at just under a half a million: $495,500. It’s a two-story home with a two-car garage from 1968, a classic combo. Inside, find four bedrooms and three bathrooms in the largest home of the five, 2,500 square feet. Formal spaces were in style then, so expect a bit more delineation inside. For some less formal entertaining, head outside for the large patio and the rest of the 7,405-square-foot lot.