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Extra touches make a $37K tiny house on wheels excel

They fit more in 160 square feet than some apartments do

Jennifer Dunlap

There are almost always some concessions in tiny houses on wheels, but this $37,000, 160-square-foot tiny house on wheels manages to fit in features that don’t even show up in some conventional homes.

From the outside, it looks like a typical, nicely built tiny house on wheels. A few things make it less common: A shed roof bumps up the ceiling height while still shedding rain.

Instead of a single door at the end, a double door on the side creates a wider opening and makes it easier to add a deck along the length rather than the width of the house.

Inside, an open layout contains a living room, kitchen, access to the main loft, and a long view to the bathroom at the back. A welded staircase is a luxury compared to the ladders some tinies use.

Storage space under the stairs holds things like the fridge, pantry, and maybe a small appliance or two. A three-burner range fits nicely and uses propane that can also be used for hot water. A mini-split heats the home while adding yet another bonus: air conditioning.

Upstairs, find the main loft with four-foot ceilings. Storage, lighting, and windows make the area useful and comfortable. Evidently, there’s a second loft, probably in the other overhang. Check to see if that one needs a ladder.

Downstairs, find a bathroom with luxuries like a tiled shower and a flush toilet. Top it off with a laundry and find a home that’s better-equipped than some apartments.